Other Treatments

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More Treatments Just For You


• Vellus Hairs

• Smooth Skin

• Enhanced Skin Care Absorption


• Growth Factor or Hyaluronic Acid Serum

• Melasma

• Acne

• Superficial Acne Scars

• Fine lines

• Skin Laxity

• Large Pores

• Sun Damage


• Improved Energy

• Relieve Muscle Tension

• Cellulite Reduction


• Stimulate Energy Flow

• Chronic & Acute Conditions

• Pain

• Mental/Emotional Distress


• Hydration

• Purifying

• Calming

Botox and Dysport

• Fine Lines

• Wrinkles

• Brow Lift

• Migraines •Hyperhydrosis

Pharmaceutical Grade Peels

Carefully Selected By Our Practitioners, Depending On The Needs & Condition Of Your Skin.

Specialty Testing

• Hormone Testing

• Thyroid

• Cortisol

• Micronutrient Panel

• Food Sensitivity

• Telomere Testing

Nutrient Injections & IV Therapy

• Vitamins

• Fat Burners

• Antioxidants

• Hydration

• Sports Recovery

• Hangovers

Medical Laser Scar Revision

• Surgical Scars

• Skin Graft Scar Revision

• Airbag Burns Dog Bites

• Personal Injury Scars

Ozone IV Therapy

• Major Auto Immune Therapy

• Healing

• Detoxifying

• Chronic & Acute Illness

Additional Services:

• HCG Weight Loss

• Nutrient IV Therapy

• Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements

• Custom Compounded Medications

• Bio Rejuvenation Services

• Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

• Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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Don't go anywhere else for your treatments. They do amazing work and I can assure you'll I'll be back for more.

Customer Testimonails

By far, the best medspa service I've ever had. Dr. Cain and Brooke give the best treatments.